Strickler Trees

Our Strickler family tree is like a worldwide puzzle on which all of the Strickler people around the world can work in their spare time. Even so, it is unlikely that it can be completed in our time.
We started with the very beginnings of a genealogical tree, and, as each additional person provided more information, an outline began to take shape.
At this point we have "on line" the two largest of the genealogical trees as submitted by a variety of people. Thus far it appears there are a number of ancestral lines emanating from the Canton of Zurich from either an Abraham Strickler or a Conrad Strickler, but unfortunately it cannot yet be determined exactly from which Abraham or Conrad these family trees descend. As soon as that is pinned down with reasonable certainty, these individual trees will be integrated into our genealogical tree.


This ist the biggest and most original tree for the lineage of Swiss Stricklers is documented in the church record books from Richterswil, Samstagern, Huetten, Schoenenberg, Horgen, Waedenswil, Staefa and Hombrechtikon, all of which are kept in the national archives in Zurich. It was from those records that Werner Strickler of Waedenswil in a year long effort at a time in the past hand copied the information about our Strickler lineage. His son Peter Strickler, also from Waedenswil, graciously made it available for insertion in our genealogical tree.

Copies from the church records from Ringsheim in southern Germany were graciously provided for inclusion by Markus Strickler.

The city archives of Friderichstadt in northern Germany led to documents for Stricklers who belonged to a Menonite community there.

The first part of the international Strickler tree came from the recorded entries of Karl Johann Strickler, who immigrated to Canada from Menzingen.

From Chile and Roberto Frey-Redel we can now trace the lineage from Samstagern, Switzerland to Victoria in Chile.

Of course many more people participated in the formation of this segment of the tree, but it is not possible to enumerate them all here.

Strickler HENRY Tree

This family tree is a copy from Henry Strickler of Columbia in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (page 47) from the book "Stricklers of Pennsylvania" published in 1942 by the "Strickler Reunion Association of Pennsylvania".