The Schoolmaster's Certification

At the end of November, 1809 Jakob Strickler was required to submit to a teacher's certification examination. To begin with he had to read a song aloud from the "New Songbook" and then render an exact interpretation followed by a detailed grammatical review of its content and of its application of the rules of separation (rules of hyphenation, which is critical, given the length of German composite words), all of which he accomplished successfully. At that point he was required to begin the singing portion of the exam during which his voice tended to break excessively, which was not altogether suitable. But his exam papers as submitted had been "neat, attractive and readable." In his transcription of dictated text he did make a few mistakes, which in part could be attributed to an earlier lack of practice in the discipline and which in part could be attributed to a high anxiety level demonstrated by the young man during the entire examination. He pondered the mathematics part of the written exam at some length, although math had been his favorite subject. Finally, Strickler had to prove the pedagogical destiny he sought, i.e. to teach beginning alphabet students and early readers, and to that end he showed the greatest skill, clarity and comprehension.

Finally the regional leaders confirmed his appointment with the wish that he go forth with his educational objective, now as his father's assistant, a wish that soon thereafter was carried out.

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