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How can this Website be accomplished?

Here in Switzerland the beginnings of the Strickler Website were initially carried out through the application of a lot of our personal time. Now, to further the construction of a complete Strickler family tree available via the Internet even more effort and time will be required to bring that goal to fruition.
With regard to the completion of the Swiss component of the tree, we are fortunate that Werner Strickler, who lived from 1898 to 1969, had between 1945 and 1950 collected and detailed countless important dates from community ledgers, church records and official archives of the Canton of Zurich. But it will require numerous months just to insert into the Strickler WEB site the many thousands of dates his data have provided.
It occurs to us, that to accomplish the task of making available a complete Strickler family tree to all, a distinction should be made by separating the American side of the equation from the work being carried out in Switzerland.

In America Frank W. Duff has start to transfer his amazing US-Strickler Tree to the Internet.

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Who are we ?

Frank W. Duff the young genealogical expert. He grew up in VA with the older members of his family, which were Stricklers. Already in the childhood he was interested in old family stories, later he was one of the founders of the "Augusta Genealogical Society". He's researching some 400 families (mostly Virginia/Pennsylvania/Swiss-German) and is still trying to find facts about the Swiss ancestors of the first Abraham Strickler who went to America.

Rosmarie De Ambrosis my sister who is a hobby journalist and who contribute the construction of the various family trees. When not otherwise occupied, she gladly replies to mail from all over the world.

Ferdinand Strickler my brother the official bookworm and text editor, who buried himself in the most archaic of books from which the most relevant passages were resurrected, reassembled and brought to new life.

Hansjakob Strickler the curious perfectionist, who as an Internet novice drive myself crazy trying to develop the most meaningful Website I could.

Elisabeth Strickler my patient and considerate wife, who deserves my profound appreciation for having suffered my absence during countless days and nights, while I sat for endless hours glaring at the computer.

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Preface August 1999

During the last two years we didn't create any new version, but we made many little modifications which gave an effective new face to our webpage (actually 120 pages).
The most important change is now certainly the one of the family tree: Because he contains mostly "Strickler" names, he went more and more confusing and difficult to use. The actual version therefore has no more the previous representation; it permits now the search for names, places and headwords. These possibilities make the search strikingly faster and easier. The application isn't optimal yet, but we have to learn from experiences with it.
Unfortunately our research work didn't progress meanwhile, but we think that the effort for changing the system of our family tree was worth it for quite a long time.

Preface to the second edition (July 1997)

Nevertheless we got it done, and it was accomplished on time!
It is hard to believe now, that just two months ago we were still in the idea stage. In spite of numerous difficulties encountered along the way since then, we are most pleased to present you the new Strickler Website, resplendent in it's "new clothing". We hope that you will enjoy your surf through the "Strickler world".
Unfortunately in this short time, we could not realize all of our plans and intentions. However, we promise you that, little by little, we will fill in the gaps.
Our appreciation goes to all who helped bring about these significant changes to the Strickler Website.

Preface to the first edition (October 1996)

While "surfing" the Internet I came across a directory of addresses, which led me to wonder how many Stricklers might be found on the Internet. I was somewhat surprised when a list of over fifty appeared. When I inquired of some of them if they knew where they came from, i.e.,what their heritage is, their responses were surprising.I discovered that research of the American Strickler genealogy is already available in great detail.
A large part of this Strickler genealogy can be found in the books, "Forerunners", printed in 1925 and "Stricklers of Pennsylvania", printed 1942.For the most part these genealogical tracings begin with a Strickler who immigrated from either Richterswil, Rapperswil or Hirzel, Switzerland.
Being a Swiss citizen, I inherited from my father's lineage both the Strickler name and a heritage emanating from the small Swiss town of Huetten, which is located directly south of Richterswil. This made the concept of a Strickler Website particularly appealing and is what subsequently engendered the idea in my mind and that of my brother, Ferdinand Strickler.
It seems to us that so much time has passed since the inception of the idea. However on reflection, it has been only three months since we first began.

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