Elizabeth Vogt in Switzerland

During her trip to Europe in January/February 1999, Elizabeth Vogt visited also Switzerland. She's a descendant of Abraham Strickler (the settler-pioneer of Massanutten/Shenandoah). Her father John Vogt was the owner of Iberian Publishing Company and had reprinted the book "forerunners".

DThe pictures show Elizabeth sleding in Asp (while her visit to Romi De Ambrosis-Strickler)

In front of the "Sternensee" Inn in Samstagern (at this place were an inn already in 1470, managed by "Heinin am Strick")

Shivering in "Stricklerland" (the nowadays Sternenschanz-Street in Samstagern was once a part of the "Strick" which gave the name to our family)

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